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Partner Type

Global Partners

Global Partners are very large companies with extensive resources that operate worldwide and can respond to international calls for tender. Capable of structuring complex deals, including subcontracting, leasing, financing and other services.

Premium Business Partners

Premium Business Partners have the same level of technical skills as Expert Business Partners, but  do a larger volume of business with Alcatel-Lucent and  have expertise in at least three separate product lines.

Expert Business Partners

Expert Business Partners have the highest level of technical expertise and reliability. They have detailed knowledge of at least one Alcatel-Lucent product line, with advanced skills and services.

Certified Business Partners

Certified Business Partners offer customers essential technical skills and services.

Registered Partners

Registered Partners are new partners who have signed a contract with Alcatel-Lucent. They are in the accreditation phase to become fully recognized Alcatel-Lucent Business Partners.

Value-Added Distributors 

Value-Added Distributors (who sell to partners only) must have an advanced specialization in at least one product line, which corresponds to their core business. These distributors also provide technical advice and services to the partners to whom they sell.

Service Providers

The Service Providers main business is to be a telecommunication carrier/service provider having a license (or the authorization delivered by the competent authorities) to operate a carrier network to provide telecommunication services to the public, including end customers, businesses and other carriers.